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Okay. Here's the deal. You weren't born yesterday. You know you need to be out on the web. That's where people look today - especially potential customers. Have I got the deal for you!

This is not a scam. Trust me. (No, really.) I have an offer that you cannot refuse. Let me explain this in 4 simple steps.

1) You and I talk about how you envision what you want on the net. Text, pics, graphics, animation, some of that flashy 'net stuff. This is going to be YOUR business reaching out to countless prospective customers.

2) I go away and put together what you want. In a timely manner, I might add.

3) We get together again and you see what I have done. If you like it, you buy it. If you don't - well you and I repeat steps 1 -3 'til we have what you want or I go away with a sad look on my face knowing I have been unable to meet your expectations. We don't want that to happen.

4) If, and only if, you are satisfied, you pay me for the web design and creation of your pages.

5) We get you out there on the 'net - registering you with search engines galore and making sure that your customers will see what you have to offer.

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I am not going to skirt around things here -- my fee is $30 an hour. A basic web page (3 pages of text, 10-15 pics, 5-10 external links) takes an average of 7 hours. The fancier we get, the longer it will take. But we can talk about prices later okay? I'm not some money-hungry scammer out to take you to the bank. I enjoy creating web pages AND I want to see you out there on the 'web...Preferably created by "Taken by Storme". Simple as that.

Most people will quote you X amount of pages, X number of pictures - I can do that if you want. But $30 an hour will be ALOT cheaper for you. We can set a limit if it will make you feel better too! This is about getting you onto the net for the lowest price. In a way that WILL attract customers.

There are no catches. I can repeat that over and over but there is only one way to find out - email me or call (506) 847-1722. I am dependable, honest, creative, professional -- all the things you are looking for in someone to create YOUR presence on the World Wide Web. And, you will get bang for your buck.

Remember, the only way you will pay is when you are satisfied. Why pay some big business with hooks and catches when you can get what you want from me? Hmmmm?

So, what are you waiting for, eh? You have nothing to lose - and everything to gain! Email me now!

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