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September 1, 2001

Hi Krista,

I will be in Saint John for a conference at the Hilton Sept 30 - Oct 3 2001. I am an avid runner and would like to run from my hotel. Are there any trails or sea walls from the Hilton that one could run on?

Markus, Whistler B.C.

Answer :

Hi Markus:

Saint John is a pretty "runner friendly" city and you'll find alot of runners along the streets. There is an overpass which leaves from the center of the city where you are staying (Hilton) and travels to the North End of our city. There are no trails or seawalls right in the heart of the city. However, not too too far away, we do have some places to run -- the Canada Games Stadium at our university has a nice track. That is a $5 cab ride or a bus fare away. (Or heck you could run there!) We have a beautiful nature park called the Irving Nature Park on the west side of the city that is well worth taking a drive there for with alot of trails. Also, Rockwood Park has trails and again that is within jogging distance from the city, via an overpass as well. Rockwood Park is probably your best bet if you want to run wilderness (groomed) trails.

I hope this helps! They will be able to tell you the best way to get to any of these spots from the Hilton. I hope you enjoy your stay in the city.


September 1, 2001

Dear Krista,

Great web site, Lot's of info.

I need help. My wife and I will be visiting St John in Oct during a cruise ship visit. I use a power wheelchair. Can you please tell me how far the Pugsley cruse ship terminal is from the city of Saint John. Also can you tell me how accessible the city is and tell me which attractions would be most suitable to a wheelchair.

THANK YOU and info will help my wife and I enjoy your city.

Bill, Texas

Answer :

Hi Bill:

Thanks for the compliments on my website and I am glad to hear you and your wife are coming to visit our fair city. You will love it here! You'll be happy to hear that we are a very wheelchair-friendly city and you'll have no problem getting out and about and adventuring around.

The Pugsley Terminal is right down town and you are only about 2 blocks away - a short zoom - from King Street that will take you up the hill to Brunswick Square, King Square, the Loyalist Burial Ground, the Imperial Theatre, the Saint John City Market and more. All of these are wheelchair accessible, as well as Market Square (another shopping complex) and the museum. You'll have no problems at all here Bill -- the only place that comes to my mind that isn't accessible is the Loyalist House and to be honest, I am not sure if they are open in October anyway.

Hope you enjoy your visit here and that you find us Saint John'ers warm and welcoming. If there is any other info I can supply to you, don't hesistate to ask ok?


August 24, 2001

Thanks SO much for all of the information. I, like a lot of the other people, are coming on the Carnival Line for one day (early September). I would like to see the market and loved the information about taking the speed boat into the reversing water. Can I do both in one day? Do you know of any schedules or how I could do that? I think it would be a wonderful day.


Answer :

Hi Debbie:

Thanks for your compliment on the website - it's wonderful to hear from so many cruise ship visitors.

Glad to hear you are coming to visit Saint John. I hope you will have a GREAT day here in the city and enjoy your stay. Hopefully the weather will co-operate for you -- it's been very nice here on the long holiday weekend. You can certainly see the City Market and do the Jet Boat Ride in the same day. The Jet Boat is about a 10-15 minute ride away. They have a website so you can check out the schedule there at

Enjoy your visit eh? :)


January 22, 2001

I was very interested to read about the tunnels and skyways in Uptown St. John. We will be visiting there in February for a few days. We thought we'd stay somewhere near the Uptown area and use our feet instead of our car to go out to dinner etc. I'm interested in knowing if these protected walkways and tunnels are always open. For instance if you just wanted to use the tunnel from Harbour Station to Market Square area can you access them any time? I figured it may be cold and it would be nice to be able to get out of the weather.

We hope to do some cross country skiing at Rockwood Park, too. Do you know anything about the trail system there? Any help would be appreciated.


Answer :


Glad to hear you are coming to visit us in Saint John. In answer to your first question, the pedways are open 24 hours / day. They go from Harbour Station to Market Square to Brunswick Square to the City Market. I haven't been across to the newer ones -- but I believe there are several restaurants connected along Prince William Street as well. So you are right, if you really didn't want to go outside, you don't have to! The two hotels which are part of all this are the Hilton and Delta Brunswick. Both are very nice -- the Delta being a little less costly than the Hilton. There are many restaurants in Market Square and as I mentioned several good ones (Church St Steakhouse being the best!) connected along Prince William Street.

I haven't been cross-country skiing at Rockwood Park in years. Their trails are mainly at a golf course. I haven't really heard a lot of comments about the trails there to be honest. Here is a number for their interpretation centre if you would like some more info. (506) 658-2883 - I believe they are open from 10 am - Dusk daily year round.

The Irving Nature Park is another great place that you might be able to cross -country ski. They are located off the Sand Cove Road on the west side of the city.

If I can help out with any other questions, please drop me a line. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Krista Carlson
Saint John NOW! (

January 21, 2001

Hi Krista!

I hope you are doing well. I am a new visitor to your website and I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you are providing. I am from Montreal and I have just been accepted to the University of New Brunswick at Saint John in the Bachelor of Business Administration program. I am delighted and I cannot wait till September!

I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about what a student might find interesting to do around town. Also, what is there to do nearby the campus?

I am also very interested in Emergency Medical Services. Could you please tell me the name of the Ambulance service in Saint John, and if possible, their website address? I have searched the Internet and have been unable to find it.

Finally, could you please tell me more about the Big Brother's program in Saint John? I am interesting in Volunteer work and I would like to know a bit more about the program.

Best regards,

Answer :

Hi there!

Great to hear from you and congrats on your decision to come to Saint John. I am a graduate of the BBA program myself at UNBSJ. You've made a great decision :) Will you be living on campus or getting an apartment right here in the city? You are going to LOVE Saint John!

You want to know what there is for a student to do -- tell me what you like and I'll tell you where to go! The campus isn't that far from the downtown area -- probably about 15 minutes by bus and about 5-10 by car. The campus is located in the North End of the City.

The name of the ambulance service here in Saint John is Saint John Regional Hospital Ambulance Department or AHSC (Atlantic Health Science) Ambulance.

Also, in the city we have St. John Ambulance, which trains in first aid, but does not provide services, outside of volunteer event coverage. You can find info on the following website for it

If you like to go to gyms, there are 2 good ones right in the downtown area. The Aquatic Centre is one. The other is the YMCA - where I go and MUCH prefer! Lots of people go to both and they are open most hours of the day.

The Imperial Theatre is our main "venue" for entertainment here in the city." is their website. Also there is Harbour Station where the Saint John Flames play and most of our concerts are.

Big Brothers -

Volunteer info - or

That's a wrap =) Please feel free to email me at any time if you have questions ok? You will love love LOVE Saint John. Hope to hear from you again, Anthony!

Krista Carlson
Saint John NOW! (

May 30, 2000

Hi name is Diane....could you please help me?

I am cruising to Saint John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia by way of Carnival Destiny. We will arrive in Saint John on Monday, June 5, 2000, 8:00 am.

We would like to do some site seeing, but we will only be there for the day. Can you recommend some attractions, famous highlight, etc.?

Also, if you have anything on Halifax can you e-mail that info to?

Thank you very much.
Diane from Baltimore, Maryland

Answer :

Hi Diane: Glad to hear you are coming in to Saint John on Monday. Hopefully the weather will be great for you -- it was really nice here yesterday and there was a cruise ship in. You are in luck! There is a city tour by bus that leaves from about 2 blocks where the boat docks -- it will take you to all the "hot spots". There is also a horse and carraige buggy tour which is new - I can't recommend it or not though because I don't know alot about it.

If you prefer to walk, there is a lot within walking distance, so never fear. Be sure to check out

These are all within a couple of blocks uptown. There are lots of little shops and restaurants along Prince William, King and Germain Streets -- again they all connect to the street where the boat docks, on Water Street. There are lots of guides right there on the waterfront who can direct you to where you want to go =) One thing you will find about Saint John, the people are VERY VERY friendly here. There are also a couple of walking tours which would take you by a lot of the old architecture of the city, if you are interested in that. I believe they depart from the little red schoolhouse at Market Square, just 2 blocks from where you will be docked.

I would recommend getting over to see Reversing Falls if you can. It is certainly on the bus tour but might also be worth a $7 taxi ride over.

Re Halifax, there are a million and one things to see there and I am sure you will be landed right downtown in the midst of it all -- shops and museums (the Titanic exhibit is at one) are all within a couple of blocks. For Halifax, I would DEFINITELY recommend their trolley tours - you can pick them up from Privateer's Wharf on the waterfront. Well worth the money -- I did one there last summer and they take you EVERYWHERE and have very animated tour guides.

Anything else? Ask away -- and enjoy your visit!

May 18, 2000

Hi Krista

I need help. I am taking my mother on her first ever cruise that is well deserved. My mother is 8 months recovered from being struck as a pedestrian in Oct, 99. Her walking is to some extent limited, she could never do a continuous 1.5 hr walking tour. So, my situation is, we will be in St. John for the day of June 5 off the Carnival Cruise, and I would like to show her more of what the real St. John IS. Not so much the touristy shopping or gimmicky sights. I would like her to see the beauty, the unique landscape, a close by fishing village, etc. We would probably have to use taxis to reduce the walking. The Reversing Falls fit right in. Can you tell me how far it is from where we are docking? Also, what else can you recommend that would fit my desires? I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer. Being that our time is limited probably from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., a plan is needed before we arrive. Also do you know of where I could rent a wheelchair for the day in the event that I would like to have one available. My mom is able to walk fine and get in and out of cars, it is just that she can't stand all day long and I don't want her to miss too much. Also, how would I go about renting a car for the day, what is the cost, and would you recommend doing it?

Thank you very much in advance Krista and I look forward to hearing from you.


Answer :

Hi Lisa:

Glad to hear you are bringing your Mom to Saint John - I am sure you will love it here! I've been trying to find out where you can rent a wheel chair and a couple of thoughts come to mind. There is a shopping mall - Brunswick Square - two streets over from where you will be landing and I know they have one. I don't know if it is a renter or a lender but they do have one available. Also, the Red Cross here in the city probably has them available to rent. I can find out both those numbers for you and mail them to you later today.

There is a wheel-chair van at a local cab service that is available. I've got to be honest with you though and tell you that the guy that drives it, is kind of ... well.. how can I put this? Not the best company in the world - not an "ambassador of Saint John" that I would want to recommend to you and your Mom. (I wish I was a tour guide somedays!) Reversing Falls is a must-see and Fort Howe offers a wonderful view of the Harbour and the City. Both would be about $5-$8 taxi fare away.

Re fishing villages, there are a couple but they aren't within cab distance. Both are about 30-40 minutes outside the city. So what are the "must -sees" when you have a day in Saint John? Loyalist House is very nice and has period furniture from the days of old. The City Market is a definite "yes" -- it is about 2 blocks away from where you are landing and has many vendors and some neat gifts - not too touristy either. If you like museums, the museum is again about 2 blocks away from where you land and is really very nice. We also have a zoo - the Cherry Brook Zoo which is about a $5 cab ride away again.

There are many little shops uptown -- and one mall, Brunswick Square. If you are really into malls, though, there is only one worth hitting and that is McAllister Place - about a $7 cab fare away.

Reversing Falls, Martello Tower, The Imperial Theatre, the Loyalist Burial Ground (You can read more about these at - they are all good to see. I am trying to think of things that don't involve so much walking ...

I hope you enjoy your visit with us .. and please let me know if there is anything else I can do. I will get you those two phone numbers today and pass them along. What would be ideal is an individual tour guide with a car so you wouldn't have to waste a lot of money on taxis and get a "Saint John" native's view of things.

I will keep thinking and searching -- how about food? Where do you like to eat? I can recommend all the great places to eat!

Warm regards,


May 12, 2000


It took a while to find a site as informative and current as your. I'm glad I came across it. My husband and I are taking the Carnival cruise to St. John's on May 25, and will only be in the area for the day. We are very interested in the tides at the Bay of Fundy and it's rich history. What tour company or guides would you recommend and places for us to visit over others?

We also plan on visiting next year for a couple of weeks, what time of year would be best? We plan on doing a lot of site-seeing via car and traveling around, do you have any recommendations?

Thank you in advance for your help and recommendations. We're looking forward to visiting your city.


Answer :

Hi Kathi!

So glad to hear you are coming to Saint John. May 25th eh? Well I checked the calendar of events and your cruise ship *IS* our excitement for the day in the city =) Where you are landing, I believe, is right in the heart of downtown so you won't really need a tour company or guide at all -- you will be close to the "action" and be able to adventure all on your own!

What I would definitely recommend for that day is for you to see the uptown area -- Prince William Street, Germain Street - they are 2 streets up from where you will be landing. Also, Market Square and the Boardwalk -- hopefully it will be a sunny warm day for you. Just up the hill (King Street), you will find Brunswick Square Mall, which has some nice shops but the treasure of all treasures will be the City Market. There they have some wonderful souvenir shops, places to get fresh produce and a bite to eat - it is truly a wonderful spot to visit.

How long are you in the city? If you have the time, I would recommend grabbing a cab and hitting Reversing Falls. It is neat to see and they also have a WONDERFUL restaurant there that I would highly recommend. Let me know what you like to eat and I can recommend the BEST places to go in Saint John. There are lots of excellent restaurants right in the uptown.

If you are looking for a shopping mall, McAllister Place is really the only one worth hitting. It is about a $7 cab ride from the city. (I almost wish I was a tour guide so I could show people around you know?) Maybe I will look into that this summer ~ offering my services to the city.

When should you come next summer? Without a doubt in the month of August. It is then that we have "Festival by the Sea" which is 10 days of performances held outside in our atrium. There is also a Saint John Jazz Festival then and the weather is the best then. You will want to see the Zoo, the Irving Nature Park, Loyalist House, Martello Tower, Mispec Beach, Rockwood Park -- I could go on and on! Trust me - August is the month to come to our fair city.

If you need any more info, please drop me a line. I would be more than happy to track down anything you need. Enjoy your visit with us on the 25th!


July 21, 1999

Dear Krista
I was very gald to come across your site. I have found a couple of things that really sound interesting. We are planning on coming in August, the City Market sounds wonderful, the Bus tour sounds worthwhile, and the Reversing Falls is something we were planning on seeing. There will be my self, my husband and our 10 year old granddaughter. I think the jet boat will be out. Can you tell me of any nice campgrounds, with a swimming pool in the area. How far is it to the Bay of Fundy from there. Are there boats that take you out to see the whales from there? I am looking for a centrally located spot to camp at and then we can do our sightseeing from there. I also have heard of the magnetic hill i think that is what it is called where it looks like you are going uphill and are actually going down. Any other attractions around there? You have definetely given us a good start. Long walks are out because I have knee problems. I can do some walking but do not want to add anything unnecessary. Thanks for you help.

Answer :

Hi Jean!
So glad you are coming to Saint John. There is only one campground right in the city and that is Rockwood Park. I saw an article in last nites paper about it and it says they have done a lot of work there lately and that it is really nice. I would recommend staying there if you want to be right in the city. Rockwood Park is only a 5 minute drive from the heart of Saint John.

Must sees - City Market, the architecture downtown, King Square, Spiral Staircase in the Old County Court House, the Imperial Theatre, the New Brunswick Museum, Reversing Falls. All of these are right down town and within a couple of blocks. There are walking tours that leave Barbours General Store and take about 1 1/2 hours if you are interested in that. The jet boat ride is a RIOT and leaves from the west side of the city by our stinking Pulp Mill. Kids love it -- you would get soaked. If you are into that kind of excitement, it really is fun. Fort Howe and Martello Tower are both within 5-10 minute drives and are also nice to see.

Places to shop - McAllister Place in the east end of the city is the only mall worth visiting to be honest. There are alot of neat little shops around the uptown area - city market is a good place to get souvenirs.

How close to the Bay? We are ON the bay =) At the foot of King Street downtown is a boardwalk behind the Hilton Hotel and voila! The Bay of Fundy is right there at our doorstep. Magnetic Hill is in Moncton about an hours drive away -- it is okay -- nothing really earth-shattering to be honest. There are alot of touristy type things there -- a water park and zoo - again the kids would love it. Hopewell Rocks outside of Moncton are really nice to see.

Places to eat -- best value and variety are Keystone Kellys, Chizzlers and DOn Cherry's Grapevine -- all downtown. Chizzlers is on Prince William and the other two are in Market Square. Seafood -- Grannans (pricey) or Billy's Seafood. Mexican -- Mexicali Rosa's. Best pizza - Vito's uptown without a doubt :)

Boat tours? Hmmmmm. None that I know of but you can check with the tourism office in Market Square when you get in. Let me know what weeks you are going to be here ok and I will get you our calendar of events. I do have a link off my page but there may be some I have missed and will check around for you if you have particular interests.

I think that's a wrap! Let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you! Enjoy your visit here with your family, Jean and get ready for some friendly people. Saint John is FULL of them!

Best wishes,

July 8, 1999

Dear Krista.
Thanks for your web site on Saint John. It is fantastic. My family will be cruising up to your lovely city on the 13th of July. We will be touring your city between 12:00PM and 7:00 PM. Can you suggest any tour company or guides for us to take and would you recommend any places for us to visit over others. My daughter is 13 and my son is 9 so tell us any information on sights to see that would interest that age level. We are leaving on the 11th of July so if you could get back to me before that I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks Again,

Answer :

Hi Susan!
So glad to hear you are coming to Saint John -- I have been thinking all day what to tell you to be sure to see so here are some suggestions.
First of all, a lot of what you will want to see is right downtown. There you will find a place called Barbour's General Store at Market Square. I believe there are walking tours right from the Store and there is tourist information just inside Market Square itself. I would recommend one of the walking tours -- they take about 1 1/2 hours and will show you much of the uptown and its really unique architecture.
Also right uptown be sure to come to the City Market -- it is up King Street. Visit the New Brunswick Museum in Market Square -- the kids will love it there! It is really a great musuem! Also right in the uptown are King Square, Loyalist Burial Ground, Loyalist House, the Imperial Theatre, and the County Courthouse with a free-standing spiral staircase. All are well worth seeing!
You don't really need a tour guide -- the uptown is all within a few blocks of walking. If you are looking for a spot to eat, Grannan's has the best Seafood, Mexicali Rosa's the best Mexican, Church Street Steakhouse the best steak. For a variety and great value for your money, try Chizzler's on Prince William Street or Keystone Kelly's or Don Cherry's both in Market Square.
If you are looking for places to shop, I would suggest Ten Thousand Villages in Brunswick Square, Spurs in Brunswick Square (they have really unique stuff!). If you are looking for the best mall -- there is really only one worth going to and that is McAllister Place which you can hop a bus to from King Square or a taxi cab -- use Diamond, they are best - for around $5-7.
If there is anything else I can answer, please let me know :) I wish I was off from work that day and I would show you around myself :))))
Have a wonderful trip, Susan!

Letter back from Susan:

Dear Krista,
Thank you so very much for getting back to me. You are so kind and thoughtful. Your creativity shows through your unique web site and the great service that you offer for those of us coming to visit your beautiful city. We will take your advice and follow all the suggestions. Thanks again for taking the time to write back to me. We are so looking forward to coming to Saint John.

June 25, 1999

Dear Krista,

Your website is most impressive and very informative to anyone who either lives in the city of Saint John or someone who might be planning to visit. The Loyalist Heritage Festival (previously known as Loyalist Days) shall be celebrated from Sunday July 11,1999 to Saturday 17,1999. I would very much appreciate if you could add this festival to your Calendar of Events if at all possible. For further information contact me via Email or call the Loyalist Office at 634-8123.

Thank you for your time,

Linda Crossman
Secretary -Board of Directors

February 18, 1999

I just found your website the other night. I think that it is excellent. I also like your enthusiasm. I was very impressed by all the websites that people can access from it, and also how thorough your calendar of events is. I live in a town near Boston that also has a website,but it doesn't cover much at all.
My mom was born in Saint John which is why I am interested in your great city. One thing you might want to mention about Saint John is how nice the people are. When I was younger my mom told me about how helpful everyone is when someone is lost,and I always thought that was a little farfetched. However my wife and I were there about 6 years ago, and we found this out for ourselves. Twice we pulled over to look at maps when someone pulled up next to us to ask us if we were lost. We also met many friendly people in some of the bars downtown.
I am curious about two things. Is your organization different from the tourist bureau, and why is it so bad to call Saint John, St. John?
Keep up the good work.
Mike Gannon

Answer :

Thank you SO much for the compliments about the web site. I am really proud of it and I am glad that my enthusiasm comes across in it =) You are right about the friendly people and if you don't mind, I would like to quote you on my homepage. I don't think I could say it any better myself =)
Why is it bad to call Saint John, St. JOhn? Well there is a St. John's Newfoundland and we are definitely better than them *grin* I dunno -- its just something we are VERY ANAL about you know? We are very proud of who we are -- and very very upsettable if you spell us wrong. It sounds kinda funny telling someone why but we are =)
How does my site differ from the city of Saint John?!?!?? I do mine as a FREE thing and cuz of my love for this city. Noone pays me to do this =) I really want to share Saint John with other people. Also, the better my site becomes, the more websites I can sell to local businesses. I have done only 2 for bed and breakfasts in the city -- they are linked on the main page -- but I am really proud of them =) I LOVE doing web pages.
Hope you have a great weekend and thanks again for the wonderful feedback!

December 19, 1998

Question :

Dear Krista,

I am going to enroll in an MBA program at the University of New Brunswick at St. John in August 1999. Can you tell me the average rent for a single room in the area of the University? What do you think is the average cost for room & board for one year for a student if the person lives economically?

What activities, social-life and Canadian Adventure is availble in the area. For example, hot-water swimming-pools or springs, athletic facilities for jogging etc. What is the year long temperature variation in the area? Is it very cold in the winters?

It would be very kind of you to answer some of the questions.


Answer :

Dear Abdul:

Congrats on your decision to come to Saint John for the MBA program! I was reading in today's paper that it is the ONLY international MBA program of its kind in the world and HIGHLY respected. But you already know that =)

Have you checked into the rates for living right at the university at the residence? I know it is very new and the cafeteria meals are excellent. If you prefer a room, I would say off the top of my head that the rates for a room or even for a one room bachelor apartment would be no more than $300 a month. (I have a two bedroom apartment right in the heart of the city for $450 a month - unheated) so $300 would definetely be an upper limit.

Saint John is a very friendly city with ALOT going on. We have two gyms in the downtown - the YM/YWCA and the Canada Games Aquatic Centre - both of which have pools, weight rooms, fitness classes, etc. The memberships at them are between $30-$50 a month.

We have an active cultural life also. The Saint John Flames Hockey Team - the farm team for the Calgary Flames - plays hear from October through May at Harbour Station, which also is home to performances throughout the year (e.g. Garth Brooks, Lord of the Dance, Stars on Ice, etc.) We have the Imperial Theatre - which has live performances, plays, theatre, concerts, etc. There is something happening every weekend here in Saint John.

There are many excellent restaurants in the downtown area, as well as numerous bars -- whether you are looking for a quiet place, a disco, whatever - there is something for everyone. There are also lots of small shops and a great city market with fresh produce in the downtown. Our biggest shopping mall is in the East side of the city - McAllister Place.

Public transportation is good and cheap. We have City Transit Buses that run all day long and go right from the university to all areas of the city. Cabs are plentiful and they are also cheaply priced. For example, a taxi from the university to the city center is $6.00 - a bus ride is about $1.50.

We have movie theatres up town and out East. The climate here is moderate. We certainly don't have scorching hot summers. In the summer, the hottest it would get is between 20-25 degrees Celcius. We just got our first snow two days ago - and I think the temperature now is around 0-4 degrees. It gets cold with the wind chill - but really we don't find it that bad here. Nothing a good winter jacket and mittens won't solve!

If there is any else you would like to ask, please email me at any time. From my pages, you can find links to many Saint John sites with additional information. You might want to contact the City of Saint John homepage (linked off mine) and have them send you some information in the mail as well. Our city is rich in heritage -- being the first incorporated city in Canada. We have a zoo here, golf courses, many beaches, walking trails at the Irving Nature Park and Rockwood Parks.

I know you will LOVE Saint John, Abdul. If there is anything else I can do, don't hesistate to ask ok? =))

All the best,

December 15th, 1998


Hello Krista surfed your web site and was really impressed. I need some info on the shipbuilding companies in Saint John. A friend of a friend is moving from the United Kingdom and we dont really know the company. Any info would be appreciated. thanks for your help.

Regards, Rob

Answer :

Hi There:

I don't know ALOT about the Shipbuilding Industry here in Saint John other than it is *JUST* getting back on its feet. For the past 3-5 years, most of the workers there have been laid off, and many of them are just getting back to work now. It sounds like - through the newspapers and whatnot - that the Irving regime is starting to concentrate on promoting it more and hopefully there will be more work coming to Saint John's way.

I had an uncle who had been out of work there for 3+ years, which was VERY hard you can imagine. But, he is back to work at the DryDock now -- and it seems like things are stable for the time being.

Thats all I can offer. You might check with the local radio station here in town - their news department may be able to offer some more information Try CFBC - 506 658 2330 - or our local paper - Saint John Times Globe / Telegraph Journal.

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Prosperous New Year and I wish your friend all the best!

October 19, 1998

Question :

Greetings from Orono, Maine

Some few years ago my wife and I enjoyed St. John and discovered a Mennonite Store near the downtown that sold items from all over the world, representing economic mission support. Does the store still exist and if so, where is it?

It is great to find someone on the net who loves her city and wants to share the good news.

Grace and Peace
Kay and Jim

Answer :

Kay and Jim:

The store you are referring to is called Ten Thousand Villages and they are now located in Brunswick Square on King Street in uptown Saint John.

Note back from Kay and Jim:

Thank YOU!

We are going to Fredericton Sat and Sun this weekend, and if the store is open in Saintt. John, we will swing by before we return home to Orono. If you can determine it is open, please let us know. We will be leaving Orono, Maine at 2:00 p.m. EST.

Grace and Peace,
Kay and Jim

July 24, 1998

Question :

Hi Krista:

We are planning to be in Saint John the week-end of August 1st and would like to know of any entertainment that might be on at that time. We are interested in live theatre - fiddle music - home style dancing - lobster fest and such like. Would please reply with any suggestions you might have.

Thank You
Pat Corrigan
Oshawa, Ontario

Answer :

Hi Pat:

Hope I am not too late with some suggestions! If you are here on the 30th, there is the Imperial Mozart Festival happening at the Imperial Theatre. It is "the final concert of a four-concert Summer Festival Series presented by Maestro Nurhan Arman and Symphony New Brunswick". The number to call for further info is 674 4100 (same as above).

On August 1rst, Repercussion Theatre is presenting "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at Loyalist Plaza (8:30 pm) and on August 2, MacBeth (same time, same place). This are both part of Festival 1998 Shakespeare in the Park. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. $5 for kids under 10. In case of rain, the shows will be moved inside to Saint John High School (just a few blocks away).

The closest I could come up with for fiddle music was Aug 04. Here are the details on that : THE TUESDAY NIGHT COUNTRY JAMBOREE. Featuring Rick Gerior and the Old Time Fiddlers, Shakey Security Service, Stevedore Steve, Anne Marie Burke, Hazel Marie Robertson, Bobbie Burke, Donnie Wallace, Antique Ernie and the Hardwood Ramblers, Frances Noel's Country Cloggers and Remi Wallace. 7 pm. Imperial Theatre, 24 King Square South. (506) 674-4100. Admission : $10

Also on August 4th, the Kennebecasis Valley Players are presenting Grease at 8 pm at the Kennebecasis Valley High School Theatre. This is about 20 min drive from downtown Saint John but I would lay money that it would be worth the drive. It is located at 398 Old Hampton Road in Quispamsis. If you want more info, the numbers to call at 506 847 1867 or 506 849 5303.

Its really too bad you won't be here for the August 7th week instead as that is the week we hold Festival by the Sea - our biggest musical event of the year. Maybe we can entice you to stay for a longer visit eh? Here is what is coming up:


Ten exciting days filled with performers from across Canada! Performances take place at various venues throughout the City. A line-up like Saint John has never seen before! Aug 07: Julian Austin (New Country) ; Aug 08: Nova Scotia Mass Choir; Aug 09: Don Harron (Charlie Farquarson); Aug 10: Lucien (one man comedy show); Aug 11: Celtic Ceilidh; Aug 12: The Nylons (A Capella group); Aug 13: Bruce Cockburn; Aug 14: Barachois (French Acadian quartet); Aug 15: Johnny Favorite Swing (1920's swing music at its best!) ; Aug 16: Modabo. (Folk Music with a twist!) (506) 632-6118.


Expected to be the largest group of New Brunswick musicians ever to perform together! Every fiddler is invited to participate. To sign-up as a fiddler call (506) 672-4697. Concert Aug 15: 2 pm. Harbour Station, 99 Station Street. Tickets on sale in June. (506) 657-1234.


8 pm. Imperial Theatre, 24 King Square South. (506) 674-4100. Admission : $27.50

August 23 8:00PM Joe Cocker at Harbour Station. Tickets: - $38.50 and $30.50 (506) 657 1234.

As far as lobster is concerned, the best seafood in town can be got at either Grannan's Seafood (Market Square) or Billy's Seafood (City Market). We don't dance much here *grin* but you could always get us going!

If there is anything else I can help with, drop me a line. Enjoy your visit to Saint John!!!!

Note back from Patrick :

Hi Krista: It was very nice of you to take the time and gather the information on N.B. events for us. I have printed them and will take them along with me as we visit the different areas. Thank YOU very much for your time and help.

July 24, 1998

Question :

Hi visting for 2 days in August , Any recommendations for a family of four to stay. And native places to eat(kids 8 &11)

Thank you.

Answer :

Hi There!

Glad to hear you are coming to Saint John. There are alot of great places to stay - including the bed and breakfasts listed on my homepage. Mahogany Manor is located in the centre of the city and is really nice. (Their homepage is at If you would prefer a hotel, there are several right in the downtown area. On the pricier side are the Delta and the Hilton, which are close to everything. Not far away though and also "downtown" are the Colonial Inn on City Road and the Courtenay Bay Inn (which is a "City Motel" chain) - I would say the Courtenay Bay is the nicer of the two. They both have restaurants at the hotel but don't bother wasting your money eating there!

About a 5 minute drive from the city are Keddy's and the Howard Johnson - again I would prefer HoJo's over our Keddy's. They are close to Fort Howe which gives a great view of the city.

Where to eat? There are a lot of really good places! Here are the ones that I would say are Saint John's Best --

Also, if you are looking for a mall to shop in, there is really only one worth visiting in Saint John - That is the McAllister Place Mall located on McAllister Drive in the East Side of the city. There are over 80 stores there.

Be sure to visit the city market as well (uptown). There are alot of little souvenir spots there as well as some great spots to grab some eats on the run!

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a line. I hope you have a great visit here in Saint John!


July 24, 1998

Question :

Krista, do you know of any organization called the Irish Society? It deals with family information and geneology. I am working on tracing my Irish ancestors back to Ireland. I know they came through Cnada, probably Saint John. If you can help locate the society I would appreciate it.

Ernie Dugan, Owls Head, Maine, 04854....USA

Thanks a

Answer :

Hi Ernie :

Found a couple of things that should be right up your alley! The first is the telephone number for the Irish Canadian Cultural Association Saint John Branch. Their telephone number is 506 634 7919.

Secondly, I did a search on "Saint John Irish" and came up with the following website that might have some info for you. It is about the Great Irish Famine and the 150th anniversary in Saint John. The second site is linked off the first and talks about the Saint John Irish.

Good luck in your search and if there is anything else I can help with (like tracking down relatives here in Saint John!), feel free to drop me a line! Thanks for visiting my webpages and have a great day!

July 21, 1998

Question :

Hello, I am looking forward to how your website progresses. I have a big question for you. You have a pulp and paper mill there and I was wondering whether you can smell that in the city or whether the smell has a small range. For instance, can you smell it from downtown?

Thanks in advance
Peter Graves

Answer :

Hi Peter:

Thanks for your note! I am really excited about building up my web site about Saint John and I am glad you popped by - I hope you will check back again. As a matter of fact, I think I will include people's questions and answers as part of the pages. Since you asked this question, there are probably other people that are thinking and wondering the same thing!

I have lived here all my life and I can honestly say that you can't smell the pulp and paper mill unless you are near to it. I have lived in the uptown area for the past 7 years and prior to that in the East Side of the city. You can't smell it from there - and thats a good thing! For the most part, you can only smell the mill if you are very near to it - at Reversing Falls itself, at the tail end of Douglas Avenue or around the Simms Corner area. The radius of the smell is not that big, really, and we usually have a breeze here in Saint John, so it isn't that noticeable.

I say that all with a caveat -- I have lived here all my life so maybe I am used to it!! Just kidding ... of all the people I know who have come to visit me in Saint John, none have ever complained of the smell. Even at the World Famous Reversing Falls, there is a nice restaurant to eat at that I would recommend to anyone. You can't smell the Pulp and Paper Mill inside when you eat but when you stand on the roof looking out at the Fallls, you might catch a good whiff.

If you would like any more info about Saint John, feel free to drop me a line. I hope you come and visit our city -- and no, you won't need to worry about the smell!

Have a great day!

Note back from Peter :


If people in Saint John are anywhere near as nice as you, I'm sure I will love it.


July 18, 1998

Question :

Hi Krista,

My name is Faith and I live in Nevada City California. My husband and I will be in your fine city as part of our Princess Cruise seeing the Fall Foliage the end of Sept. first of Oct. 98. I've been looking at the shore excursions brochure and see that Saint John has all the charm and attractions that can be seen on a walking tour. Would you please be kind enough to send me the address of your Chamber of Commerce or similar government agency. I would like to write them and request a city map, independent walking tour guide, etc.

I also would very much be interested in any suggestion you might offer in regards to "much see" places, things, people etc. There is nothing like seeing a town through the eyes of a local.

Thank you very much for your time. I enjoyed your web site.


Answer :

Hi Faith!

You have given me some much needed inspiration to get really going on the Saint John - NOW! Website. Thanks for giving me that push I needed. I am so glad you are coming to visit the city and I hope you have a great time here on your tour!

I have added some depth to the site now and I think you will find ALOT more to help you decide how to spend your visit here. I have added two new pages -- one about Things to do in Saint John .. anytime! That is located at The other is a list of upcoming events in the city that I am aware of at this time. There is a lot going on this fall, so hopefully you will able to catch some entertainment while you are here. That page is at

I hope you will bookmark my page and check back often. It is going to be growing by leaps and bounds within the next month, I would say. Next up, I will be including some of the history of the city, as well as the best places to shop and to eat. And the places to avoid like the plague!!!!! (Don't worry -- there aren't many of them!)

The address that you wanted to contact the City of Saint John for Tourist Information is the following :
The Saint John Visitor and Convention Bureau
PO Box 1971
Saint John, New Brunswick
E2L 4L1
(506) 658-2990

Be sure to ask them to send you at the very least the following :

There is also a great little booklet about New Brunswick called "Welcome to New Brunswick Canada" that they should have. If they don't let me know and I can pick up a copy and toss in into the mail for you no problemo. Why don't you drop me a line back and let me know what you like to shop for, eat, like for entertainment? I don't want to be sending you to an Irish Pub for ale when you would rather be sipping red wine at a bistro? Ya know what I mean? =)

Hope to hear from you soon and again, thanks for giving me that little push I needed. I have gotten 6 emails this week about people interested in Saint John and I am *thrilled* to be able to introduce people to this great city!

Take care!