Things to See and Do in Saint John ...

... anytime!

There is so much to see and do in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Following is a list of several activities and venues that you will want to check out while you are visiting the Port City. Wherever applicable, I have included the address or phone number to contact should you require any additional information. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime - - and I would be more than happy to dig up some more details to make your visit to Saint John that much more enjoyable.

Germain Street (1899), Saint John, NB

Prince William's Walk

Prince William's Walk tours some of the charming streets within the twenty-block Trinity Royal Preservation Area, which has been created to protect the character of the buildings in the central core of Saint John. You will explore Prince William and Germain Streets, where some of the buildings are so elaborate that it is easy to imagine the fierce competition amount property owners to out-do one another! Along the walk, you will explore Corinthian columns, elaborate Italianate facades and curious gargoyles grimacing from atop their perches. There are 21 stops along the way and Prince William's Walk will take you about one and a half hours to complete. Featured along the way are : Market Slip, the Old Post Office, the Old City Hall, Palatine Building (complete with gargoyles and a man spitting coins!), The Three Sisters Lamp. Church of St. Andrew and St. David and the Union Club. This is a fantastic way to see some of the uptown and I would recommend it even to people who have lived here all their lives!

The Loyalist Trail

The Loyalist Trail retraces the footsteps of our founding fathers and mothers - to the spots where the Loyalists landed on May 18, 1783. Along the trail, you will explore the very heart of old Saint John, and two fascinating centuries of our city's history. There are 21 stops along the trail, which will take you approximately one and a half hours to walk. Among your stops are the following : Old County Courthouse with a stone spiral staircase, the Loyalist Burial Grounds, King's Square, the Old City Market, Loyalist House, St. John's Stone Church, the Jewish Historical Museum, City Hall, Market Slip, Market Square and the New Brunswick Museum. Barbour's General Store, and the Imperial Theatre. As with the Prince William Walk, a definite "must-do".

A Victorian Stroll

Back in 1877, the Great Fire of Saint John destroyed over 1600 buildings and left 13,000 people homless. The rebuilding of Saint John can be seen in the period housing you will visit during a Victorian Stroll. Walk through the tree lined, 19th century residential streets of downtown Saint John and view grand homes of high style.

For further information, or a copy of any of the above three brochures complete with a map and description of the sites, contact the Saint John Visitor and Convention Bureau, PO Box 1971, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, E2L 4L1 or call (506) 658-2990

Clock outside Market Square, Saint John, NB

Imperial Theatre

Through the years, the Imperial Theatre has undergone many changes. It opened in September 1913 and was home to many musical and theatrical events. Stars of the day included actress Ethel Barrymore and illusionist Harry Houdini. In 1929, the Imperial was leased to Famous Players and was renamed to the Capital Theatre - becoming part of a chain of first class movie theatres. In 1957, the theatre closed and was purchased and donated to the Full Gospel Assembly Pentecostal Church. In 1994, after 11 years of reconstruction to its original 1913 grandeur, the Imperial Theatre was reopened and is now the busiest performing arts centre in Atlantic Canada. Today you can, tour the "most beautifully restored theatre in Canada" (Globe and Mail, 1994). The Imperial Theatre features tours Monday through Saturday (July and August only) at a cost of $2 for adults and $1 for children 12 and under. This is truly worth seeing! Everytime I attend an event there, I am in complete awe at the restoration that has taken place.

For further information, call (506) 674 4100 or 1-800-323-7469. The Imperial Theatre is located on the South side of Kings Square, in the heart of uptown Saint John. Also, visit their web site for further information.

Imperial Theatre (1913) , Saint John, NB

Barbour's General Store

At the foot of King Street, located at Market Slip on the waterfront, you will find Barbour's General Store. I have fond memories of visiting Barbour's as a child (and no, I wasn't a customer there - it was a tourist venue even then!). The store is "an authentic turn-of-the-century country store, and, in July and August, the starting point for guided historic walking tours".

Admission to the store is free of charge and they are open from mid-May to mid-October. For further information, call (506) 658-2939.

Carleton Martello Tower Historical Site, Saint John, NB

Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site

Martello Tower was planned during the war of 1812, served as a detention center for deserters during the First World War, and served its final military duty during World War II as a fire command post for the city of Saint John. This circular stone fort defended Saint John and its harbour for some 130 years, and is one of only sixteen such towers built in Canada. There are four floors in the building, including a restored powder magazine and barracks. Carleton Martello Tower is open daily from June 1 through to October 15. Admission is $2.50 for adults, $2 for seniors, ages 6-16 $1.50, and families $6.25. I haven't been here in years but remember enjoying it very much as a child!

For more information, call (506) 636-4011. Martello Tower is located on Charlotte Street Extension on the West Side of Saint John and offers a panoramic view of the city of Saint John, its harbour and the Bay of Fundy. From Highway 1, take the Digby Ferry Exit and follow the Parks Canada Beaver Symbol.

Cherry Brook Zoo

The Cherry Brook Zoo is located in the northern section of Rockwood Park and is the only exotic animal zoo in Atlantic Canada. The zoo is enclosed in 10 acres of beautiful woodlands and is home to over 100 animals - including zebras, lions, tigers and the Gentle Brown Lemur, a highly endangered monkey. The Cherry Brook Zoo's main entrance is off Sandy Point Road or Exit 116 Highway #1. Definitely worth the visit!

For further information, contact the Cherry Brook Zoo, RR#1 Sandy Point Road, Saint John, NB, E2L 3W2. Their phone number is (506) 634 1440 and their email is The hours of operation are 10:00 am 'til dusk, open year round 7 days a week.

Tiger at the Cherry Brook Zoo , Saint John, NB

New Brunswick Museum - fullsized whale, Saint John, NB

New Brunswick Museum

The New Brunswick Museum is located in Market Square, at the foot of King Street. The museum houses history galleries, natural science galleries and decorative, fine art galleries. As well, visit the family discovery gallery and television studio. See a full-sized whale and a mastodon. The museum is three-stories high and is wheelchair accessible. This museum is something Saint John should be very proud of!

For further information, contact the New Brunswick Museum, 277 Douglas Avenue, Saint John, NB, E2K 1E5 or call (506) 643-2300. The library is open everyday and admission is $6 for adults, $4.75 for seniors, $3.25 for children 4-18 and $13 for a family.

Fort Howe Lookout

Fort Howe Lookout is a replica of the blockhouse that was built in 1777 in Halifax, then disassembled and rebuilt to protect the Saint John Harbour. It offers a panoramic view of the harbour and the city and is truly a "must-see". Fort Howe is located on Magazine Street in the North end of the city and is free of charge. Also, for those who like to steal a kiss with their loved one, Fort Howe has traditionally been known as our own "make out" hill. Don't let this discourage you though - most people steal a kiss, enjoy the view and are gone.

Saint John Firefighers Museum

The Saint John Firefighters Museum is located across from Kings Square at 24 Sydney Street. The museum "houses a partially-restored 1840 firehouse, old alarm system and artifacts and photos of the Great Saint john Fire of 1877". Free admission. Open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the months of July and August only. Other times by appointment only. For informaion, call (506) 633-1840. A piece of Saint John history!

Old City Market

The Old City Market has been a meeting place and farmer's market since 1876; it is the oldest continuing farmer's market in all of Canada. The roof of the City Market resembles the inverted keel of a ship, with hand-hewn timbers and dove-tailed joints that have stood fast for more than a century. The Market features "an amazing array of foods and wares, plus a glassed-in eating area". One of the market's most famous vendors is Pete Luckett, of Pete's Frootique. Be sure to drop by for a cappuccino while in the market, buy some delicious sweets from the bakery or some unique souvenirs to take home with you. If you can only see a few things while visiting Saint John, make sure this is one of them!

The Old City Market is located in the center of Saint John, facing Kings Square, with entrances on Charlotte and Germain Streets, and is open six days a week, year round. If you would like additional information, call (506) 658-2820. Their mailing address is 47 Charlotte Street, Saint John, NB, E2L 2H8.

Old City Market , Saint John, NB

Public Gardens

Since 1893, a nursery centre for the City's Parks and Squares has been maintained at the Horticultural Gardens, located on Seely Street - close to Rockwood Park. These gardens are open to the public free of charge. Take a walk and relax, enjoying the beauty of this park. There are very few brides who have NOT had their pictures taken in this park. Bring your camera along!

Three Sisters Lamp

The Three Sisters Lamp is a historic iron lamp that has guided mariners into the Saint John Harbour since 1848. It is located at the foot of Prince William Street in the city centre, and can be seen as part of the Prince William's Walk mentioned above.

Harbour Seals, Irving Nature Park, Saint John, NB

Irving Nature Park

The Irving Nature Park was created by J.D. Irving Limited and opened in 1992, hosting over 125,000 visitors yearly. The goal of the park is to protect an environmentally-significant endangered area and features nature walking trails on the Bay of Fundy. Much wildlife can be seen at the Nature Park, including 248 species of birds, Harbour Seals, deer, porcupine and red squirrels. There are marked trails to allow visitors to tour the site - Heron Trail, Seal and Squirrel Trail, Frog Trail, Chickadee Trail, Deer Trail -- all of different lengths. Peaceful and a great way to spend an hour or an afternoon.

For further information, contact the Irving Nature Park at (506) 632-7777 or (506) 653-7367. To get to the park, take Catherwood Drive off Route 1on the West Side, then follow Sand Cove Road 4.4 kilometers to the park. The park is open dawn-to-dusk daily year round for visitors on foot and from June to November to vehicles. It is wheelchair accessible and admission is free.

Kings Square and the Loyalist Burial Ground

At the head of King Street, are two side by side squares, each with a character all their own. Kings Square is home to the King's Square Bandstand, a landmark since 1908, when it was given to the city by the City Cornet Band. The King Edward VII Memorial Bandstand still hosts concerts during the summer months, including the hugely successful Festival by the Sea. It is home to the loved (and hated!) Saint John Pigeons. Although signs tell you not to feed the little guys, I think its much more fun if you do! The flower gardens are meticulous and there are several monuments resurrected to our fascinating history.

Across the street is the recently revamped Loyalist Burial Ground. A couple of years ago, the Irvings cleaned up and repaired much of the park, installing a monument in the middle with a pond and beavers. (No, not real ones.) There are iron-wrought gates and period street lamps that add character and charm to this old Burial Ground, which is teeming with the history of our city. Another must see!

Rockwood Park

Rockwood Park is open daily from 8:00 'til 10:00 p.m. though to the Labour Day Weekend and has something for everyone. It is "Saint John's best kept secret ... a haven for budding botanists, golfers, hikers, walkers, skaters, swimmers, joggers, birdwatchers, animal lovers, cross country skiers, berry pickers and all-round happy campers.". There are over 10 fresh water lakes, a fully-equipped campground, an 18-hole golf course, a unique Aquatic Driving Range (the only one of its kind in the Maritimes!), the Cherry Brook Zoo, hiking and even a paved nature trail for seniors and individuals with disabilities. As a child, I spent a lot of time here and have very fond memories of the good times enjoyed at Rockwood Park.

Rockwood Park is five minutes from the city center, with the main entrance on Mount Pleasant Avenue. Westbound on Highway #1, take Exit 113. Eastbound on Highway 1, take Exit 111, turn right at Union Street on to Route 100 (City Road(, then up the overpass at Haymarket Square to the main entrance to the Park. For further information, call (506) 652-2829 or (506) 652-2883.

Rockwood Park , Saint John, NB

ABEC , Saint John, NB

Aitken Bicentennial Exhibition Centre

The Aitken Bicentennial Exhibition Centre hosts five temporary galleries of arts, crafts and collections. Among the galleries are the Frazee Science Gallery, the City of Saint John Gallery (which changes monthly and features a variety of New Brunswick artists), and a library gallery.There is a permanent "hands-on" science gallery called ScienceScape for the young and the young at heart. Other permanent exhibits include the Delancey's Brigade Mural, Bicentennial Quilt, and Stained Glass Skylight. Admission is free. (I am ashamed to admit that I have never been to the ABEC personally, but at the sounds of it, I'd best be getting there soon! Sounds like a really neat spot to see!)

The ABEC is located at 20 Hazen Avenue uptown. Their mailing address is 20 Hazen Avenue, Saint John, NB, E2L 3G8, phone number (506) 633-4870, and their email address is During the summer through Labour Day, they are open daily from 10:00 a.m. 'til 5:00 p.m. During the winter, they are open Tuesday to Sunday inclusive from 11:30 a.m. 'til 4:30 p.m. The ABEC is wheelchair accessible.

Loyalist House

Loyalist House was build by David Daniel Merritt, a United Empire Loyalist from New York and completed in 1817. It remains today as a gracious Georgian mansion, and is the oldest building in Saint John, which has not been structurally altered since it was built. Inside you will find period antiques, as well as carved mouldings, a gorgeous grand staircase, and an unusual fan light over the original brass knocker. Loyalist House is located at the corner of Union and Germain Streets, in the heart of Saint John and is open to the public from June to September. Personally, I haven't been in for years, but this is a slice of Saint John history that I remember enjoying when I was younger.

For further information, write to Loyalist House, 120 Union Street, Saint John, NB, E2L 1A3, or call (506) 652-3590.

Reversing Falls Jet Boat Ride, Saint John, NB

Reversing Falls

Operational Dates: June 5 to October 3, 2010

Open 7 days/week

1. Sightseeing Boat Tour: Experience the Falls! (FIT or Group)

We offer our Sightseeing Boat Tour (dry tour) which departs from Fallsview Park (And from Market Square -the Old Red School Building at Loyalist Plaza on cruise ship days) where you can take off for an educative and relaxing tour. You will witness the phenomenon of the famous Reversing Falls and its whirlpools, discover historic and geological sites, the port and even meet with seals! Duration: 1 hour- FASCINATING! $41.95/adult (tax incl.)

2. Thrill Ride: Ride the Wave! (FIT or Group)

Have the thrill of your life with our famous Thrill Ride (wet ride). Get ready for excitement - because this is where it gets wet and wild! Fundy's amazing Reversing Falls will leave you breathless and invigorated! You'll revel in the exhilarating power of nature as you head into breakers and fly over the waves...and go back for more! Duration: Approx. 1 hour (preparation & ride in the rapids)- Equipment & towel included. EXHILARATING! $41.95/adult (tax incl.)

3. Rent-A-Bike! (FIT only)

Rent-A-Bike and cycle the Saint John Streets. Chose different routes and discover many of our highlights: Reversing Falls, Harbour Passage, Uptown, City Market and more. Duration: from 1 hour to a day Helmet, lick & map included. BE PART OF THE ACTION! $12/hour, $30/4 hours & $35/day (tax incl.)

There's no better way to experience the amazing Fundy Tides than with the Falls Experts! The choice is yours. Come experience the Reversing Falls!

Saint John Transit Site Seeing Tours

Saint John Transit Bus Company offers 2 hour guided tours of Saint John twice daily. The tours run from June 22nd to October 3rd and leave from Barbour's General Store, at the foot of King Street in Market Slip. See Historic Saint John in the comfort of our bus! T You may purchase your ticket directly from the driver. Tours begin at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

For further information, call (506) 658-4700. Saint John Transit Commission, 951 Fairville Boulevard, PO Box 3860, Saint John, NB, E2M 5C2.

Saint John Jewish Historical Museum

The Jewish Museum has a mandate to "collect, display, preserve articles related to the Saint John Jewish community ... and to provide a research facility for genealogists, historians and religious scholars". The Museum features several displays including a Hebrew School, Chapel, Art Gallery, Mikvah, and Religious Room. There are 3 other rooms with displays that change periodically. The Jewish Museum has a collection of thousands of old original documents and genealogical resources. Admission is free and they are open from mid-May to September.

The Jewish Historical Museum is located at 29 Wellington Row in the city centre. If you would like further information, they can be reached at (506) 633-1833.